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  • Hotline:
    Ngoc Dung: 0911 3533 71 (Booking)
    Thi Ba: 0911 3533 72 (Booking)
    Thanh Huyen:0911 3533 70 (Booking)
    Thu Thuy: 0911 3533 75 (Banquet)
    Van Binh: 0911 3533 74 (Tour desk)


    A new wonderful tourist site set amongst over 70 acres of landscaped untouched private soft white sandy beach, blue sea, green mountainous tropical forest, wonderful rock ranges, dreamy streams and more for your discovery.

    Entrance fee: 50.000 vnd/pax,
    Thatched parasol and sun-lounger.
    Private beach and swimming pool
    Snorkeling to contemplate coral reefs
    Trekking, climbing mountain
    Discovering natural streams and ponds